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From 08 July 2023 to 23 July 2023



ADDRESS: Via Peschiera Maraglio




Art meets the environment once again on Lake Iseo, in Monte Isola, a jewel located on the border between Bergamo and Brescia, elected Italian Capital of Culture 2023. From 8 to 23 July, a large site-specific installation based on an idea by Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto will be lit up, and some of Angelo Bonello’s iconic works, already exhibited at Light is Life-Festa delle Luci A2A, held last February in Bergamo and Brescia, will once again shine.

As part of the events scheduled for “Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023” Monte Isola will be illuminated by the Third Paradise of Energy, created in collaboration with Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto thanks to the support of A2A and Fondazione Banco dell’Energia, the philanthropic organisation that supports people in economically and socially vulnerable conditions and carries out projects to combat energy poverty.

The unprecedented work, installed in Le Ere, will consist of 16 piles of nets, as many as the municipalities of Lake Iseo, crossed and united by an LED perimeter, outlining the famous reinterpretation of the mathematical sign of infinity created by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

There is a dual register in the vision: if on the one hand the artistic work stages and spectacularises the network, one of the Island’s emblems, symbol of the local craft tradition and current economic district of international importance, on the other hand the ‘physical’ networks become a metaphor for the interconnection that links the destiny of the individual to that of society as a whole, and that of man to that of the planet, as well as the cooperation and social networks that the Third Paradise aspires to trigger, in Monte Isola expressed by the Energy Bank. The work is made of reused materials, the nets produced on the island and the LED lights discarded by the Light is Life works, as a sign of infinite rebirth.

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